Palmetto Renovations
home edition something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

Home edition: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

We are not at a wedding now, no, we are setting up our new home and we surprisingly realized that this old bridal tradition is completely suitable to a home design, too. And yeah, we don’t really need furniture only, we need some little details which will make the whole place more homey and cozy and our everyday experience here unforgettable.

So why don’t we have:

something old

There is a lot of charm in a little something that belonged to person long ago, a person you didn’t know, who had a different fate from yours, who loved and hated and lived in a way that made him happy and gave him joy, or he ended up miserable and lonely. It is enthralling to have objects with history in your home that will make it more authentic and real as a whole. 

something new

But your new home undoubtedly needs something new, a belonging which will have history a few years from now. Something that you adore from the second you saw it in the store and that will bring the needed new beginning to your lovely new home.

something borrowed

Go to your grandparents house or your parents one and borrow something. It could be a clock your grandad bought when he was on a trip 50 years ago and which stayed on the fireplace for as long as you remember, it could be a black and white photo in an old frame of your mother when she was 6 years old, it could be a book your parents bought together in the university. Borrow something that belongs to someone you love.

something blue

Oh, find a place for that beautifully delightful color. Have a blue wall, a blue painting or a simple azure candleholder or pot. Have something blue, it’s a nice idea.